Welcome VIPs

Welcome VIPs

A warm welcome if you've been referred here by a skincare professional!

Thank you for supporting your facialist by buying the products they have recommended to you.

You may have experienced the following products in your facial treatment:

Calming Cleanser - improves skin moisturisation by calming, soothing and strengthening the skin barrier. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that nourish the skin and promote healthier-looking skin. Skin feels softer and smoother after each use. To be used twice a day (morning and night)

Drink Up Serum - Can increase hydration by 130% because it is times more soluble than standard hyaluronic acid. 72-hour hydration. Ultra low molecular weight HA is more effective and that's why it provides 72 hours of hydration and clinical research shows that skin hydration continues to improve with long term use. Has a non-sticky texture so ideal for people who wear glasses. Incredibly well tolerated and can be used once a day or five times a day, under make up or over make up, just alone or with a thicker cream.

Skin Perfector SPF20 - coming soon to retail.

Skin Perfector Plus SPF50 - coming soon to retail.

We hope you loved them and can see how good they were to your skin. They (and many other products in the range) are available in mini sizes - ideal for travel or if you want to try them for 3-4 weeks. Use the code "Nofie1" for free postage.


Every purchase you make supports your skincare professional. 


Remember to use code "Nofie1" for free postage!



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