Hi, I’m Nofie, a Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Medicine specialist. I had troubled skin in my 30s and because I was retailing medical grade skin products, I was able to gain a practical and scientific education in skincare that helped me greatly as a person and professional. I want you to also have access to this information and the products that will give you extraordinarily great skin.


Junoskin aims to provide evidence based and impartial advice on skincare options.

Good skin does not happen by chance. Take the time to understand how it works and what products are out there and you will have all you need to meet those skincare goals!

Skin and skincare issues are rarely “cured” nor does improvement remain constant. Your skin is subject to may different external (pollution, seasonal change, sunlight exposure etc) and internal (hormonal fluctuations, stress levels, oil production changes) factors so expect to be flexible with your product use and open minded that you might need to make adjustments over time.