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At Obagi, our desire to solve more skin problems for all people inspires us to make medical-grade skincare breakthroughs. We know healthy skin affects how the world sees us, how we see ourselves, and ultimately has the power to transform lives.


We are among an elite few that transform all skin types and tones with medical-grade skincare. In addition to being formulated with the purest, most potent and most effective ingredients, our portfolio of products are dermatologist tested and physician endorsed. We co-author research publications with physicians and collaborate with doctors on product innovations. Our corporate team even includes medical professionals. This is why we hold our products to the highest standard and why physicians and aestheticians trust us to provide superior skincare care for their patients.


Every year brings a new skincare fad. While Obagi stays on top of the latest trends, our focus is on the timeless. Our products undergo rigorous testing for every skin type and skin tone so when they launch, they provide results for all. We make long-lasting, reliable solutions backed by science so regardless of whether you’re prescribing products to your patients or buying products for yourself, you can trust the skincare you are buying is going to work.


We’ve always been inclusive and always will be. Obagi was the first skincare brand to test our products across the entire Fitzpatrick Skin Spectrum, a scientific classification that identifies six different skin types according to the amount of pigment in the skin and the skin’s reaction to sun or ultraviolet light exposure. Ensuring our skincare worked for all skin types from the very beginning means the products we create aren’t just for a few, they’re made for everyone.