The Story Behind the Junoskin Name

The Story Behind the Junoskin Name

You may already be aware of the Aesop Fable about Juno (The wife of Jupiter) and the Peacock. This tale, to us, perfectly sums up how we overlook what makes us wonderful and can slip into wishing we were something else but if we could have everything we desired, we would quickly stop appreciating it.


The Peacock was greatly discontented because he had not a beautiful voice like the nightingale, and he went and complained to Juno about it. “The nightingale’s song,” said he, “is the envy of all the birds; but whenever I utter a sound I become a laughing-stock. The goddess tried to console him by saying, “You have not, it is true, the power of song, but then you far excel all the rest in beauty: your neck flashes like the emerald and your splendid tail is a marvel of gorgeous colour." But the Peacock was not appeased. “What is the use,” said he, “of being beautiful, with a voice like mine?” Then Juno replied, with a shade of sternness in her tones, “Fate has allotted to all their destined gifts: to yourself beauty, to the eagle strength, to the nightingale song, and so on to all the rest in their degree; but you alone are dissatisfied with your portion. Make, then, no more complaints. For, if your present wish were granted, you would quickly find cause for fresh discontent."



So we want you to stop wanting to be someone else and JUST BE YOU!

And if you want, the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

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