Silica is a mineral abundantly found in nature and often utilised in skincare formulations. It is 100% natural exfoliating agent which promotes a friction action, removing the layers of dead cells and stimulating the renewal of the skin and stratum corneum. On the skin, it is suggested that silicon is important for optimal synthesis of collagen and for activating the hydroxylation enzymes, improving skin strength and elasticity. It was shown that physiological concentrations of orthosilicic acid (OSA) stimulate fibroblasts to secrete collagen type I.


  • Oil Absorption and Mattifying Effect: Silica possesses absorbent properties, making it beneficial for individuals with oily skin. It helps in absorbing excess oil from the skin's surface, promoting a mattifying effect and reducing unwanted shine, particularly in the T-zone.
  • Pore Refinement: Its ability to absorb excess oil also contributes to the reduction of pore visibility. By minimising excess sebum production, silica aids in refining the appearance of enlarged pores, leading to a smoother skin texture.
  • Skin Smoothing and Softening: Silica's fine particles have a soft, smooth texture, making it a popular ingredient in physical exfoliants and scrubs. When used in such formulations, it gently buffs away dead skin cells, contributing to smoother and softer skin.
  • Optical Diffusion and Light Reflection: In some skincare products, silica particles are utilised for their light-scattering properties. This optical diffusion helps to scatter and reflect light, potentially minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections, creating a more even complexion.