Menopause Skin Changes

Menopause Skin Changes

All skin ages differently, especially when considering lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet, alcohol consumption, and exercise. 

However, during the menopause there is intrinsic ageing such as decreased oestrogen levels, bone shrinking, and collagen degradation is inevitable for each individual who goes through menopause. Genetics will determine how the skin ages.

Skin often becomes more sensitive and prone to hormonal outbreaks and previous solutions such as using heavy moisturising cream may worsen outbreaks. Using a light serum such as Drink Up can add hydration, reduce sensitivity but not block pores.

Other skincare products that need to increase cell turnover, and stimulate collagen production.

You may need to apply different products to different areas of the face because it is not uncommon to experience redness/broken veins on the cheeks and nose and a specialist product is required.

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