Book a Video Skin Consultation Now

Book a Video Skin Consultation Now

How do I book a video appointment?

Click on this portal and click the first category "Online skin consultation/analysis." Please select the option for a first consultation or a review consultation. We are here for you to keep checking in every 4-8 weeks if you need to.

I see you are based in Manchester, can I just turn up in person?

Appointments are strictly via the booking system and there is no capacity for walk-ins. In clinic peels are available in Wilmslow but please book for a video consultation first before we agree a plan.


Why should I book a video consultation?

You might feel unsure which brand, regime or products you would benefit from. Book a consultation and we will help you better understand your skin type, lifestyle, regime. We will share with you the options for your specific needs in a no-pressure and friendly video call.


I know what Alumier product I want, why do I have to book a video appointment?

You cannot purchase online and you will need to become our client in order for us to make the most appropriate recommendations for your skin type and need. The video appointments are free of charge and they are available over 7 days a week (depending on availability).



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